What Teachers Say About ODFL


“This is just a great idea.”
~ Eileen Chang, Teacher, Terman Middle School


“This is the best fundraiser we’ve ever done.”
~ Steve Mills, Assistant Principal, Del Norte High School

“I am so impressed.”
~ Tammy Friedman, Counselor, Burlingame High School

“What you have done with ODFL is truly amazing.”
~ Justin Velez, Gahr High School

“There are few activities where everybody can contribute and make a difference. This is one of them.”
~ Wynne Satterwhite, Principal, Los Altos High School

“I was surprised to see that a school was already under construction just weeks after our dollar drive. It was so exciting!”
~ Sheila McLeod, Teacher, Centennial High School

“It’s so simple, but if everybody does it, it’ll work.”
~ Nancy Smith, Teacher, Jordan Middle School

“This is the first time we’ve ever actually seen the results of what our money did.”
~ Mrs. Sharpe, Teacher, Gunn High School

“The Fundraiser-in- a-Box makes it extremely clear about what to do. ”
~ Julia Kennedy, Teacher, Golden Valley High School

“This is one of the best student service projects I’ve ever seen.”
~ Monte Pfyl, TR Pollicita Middle School

“Within three months we saw pictures of what our students’ money was doing.”
~ Jodie Hare, Teacher, West High School

“Our kids have never been so inspired.”
~ Laurel Mazlowski, North Kansas City High School

“This is what we want our students to learn.”
~ Stella Kidd, Activities Director, Stockdale High School

“Every school in the country should be doing this.”
~ Jaime Richards, Mission San Jose High School


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