What Students Say About ODFL


“This is the best thing I’ve ever done.”
~ Rachel Clark, Gunn High School


“I’ve never felt I could actually do good in the world. Now I see that I can.”
~ Katie Troxell, St. Francis High School

“Before I was just another teenager with a dream. Now I am an empowered student leader.”
~ Bernadette Lim, St. Lucy’s Priory School

“For one dollar we built a school that will last for generations? It’s unreal.”
~ Margaret Lewis, Los Altos High School

“Changing lives is life changing.”
~ Victoria Santago, Los Altos High School

“It isn’t any one dollar that makes the difference. It’s all the dollars, and that makes something huge!”
~ Emma Anders, Burlingame High School

“It’s almost like we’re doing as much good for ourselves as we are for those who are getting the school.”
~ Meaghan Neider, Sacred Heart High School

“I had never realized what I can actually do in the world. Now I do.”
~ London Klauer, Woodrow Wilson High School

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