2008 Nepal

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About ODFL Summer Service Trips

Summer Service Trips

Every year, ODFL sends students overseas on a Summer Service Trip to help complete projects funded by ODFL. Typically a group of 12-18 students with at least 2 adult chaperones travel together for 10-20 days and work on the project. The chaperones are always credentialed teachers. Students pay for their own travel expenses. If you would like to travel with ODFL as a student or chaperone to help build one of its projects, please contact Shandell Randall at shandellr@odfl.org or Cathy Dwulet at cathyd@odfl.org.

For summer 2018, ODFL expects to conduct Service Trips to:

  • July 1 – 10: Nicaragua (Matagalpa)
  • July 8 – 17: Nicaragua (Tipitapa)
  • Click here for a summary of the 2018 summer trips.



So often in life, it is hard to feel like we are making any real impact. Doing a good deed is always nice – returning a lost phone to a stranger, buying a homeless person a meal, helping an elderly person up a steep flight of steps – these acts all help somebody and make you feel good. But, what if your impact wasn’t just a temporary thing? What if it not only changed someone’s day, but changed their life? Getting involved with ODFL starts with the decision to donate one dollar, but why not broaden your participation and actually help with the project construction? Imagine being abroad and hefting bricks funded by your friends and watching a classroom, birthing center or preschool materialize before your own eyes! Immerse yourself in the culture and food of the country while working side-by-side with local community members. An ODFL Summer Service Trip is truly a life-altering experience. Please see the tabs below for Student Comments and What Parents Say for feedback on ODFL Trips.


Past Trips

2007 Kenya

ODFL Summer Service Trip

Upcoming Trips for Summer 2018

For more information, contact contact Shandell Randall shandellr@odfl.org or Cathy Dwulet cathyd@odfl.org.

Student and Parent Comments About The Trips

2017 Nepal

ODFL Summer Service Trip