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Kenya - Beehives 2020
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Local tradesmen building beehive
Local tradesmen building beehive
Beehive with plaque
Beehive with plaque
Installing beehive
Installing beehive

Project Description

(Kenya, 2020) Gift a beehive for a family member, friend or loved one. ODFL is placing beehives with local villagers, farmers and schools in Kenya. The bees improve crop production by as much as 500%! For $150, we will install a beehive with a 3x6” bronze plaque in the name of the person or family you choose. 100% of the cost will go to the beehive and is tax deductible. ODFL will email you a personalized letter and a photo of the hive once it is installed. Our goal is to install 200 beehives.


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