Do Something Great With Your Life!

American Students Building Classrooms in Kenya


ODFL helps you and your classmates build a school in the developing world, for a dollar! It’s fun. It’s rewarding. It makes everybody involved a Bigger Person.

How does it work?

  • Get a club or class behind the idea
  • Pick your project (see below)
  • We’ll send you a complete toolkit
  • Invite everyone in the school to donate just one dollar

The results?

  • Pride from your whole school
  • A legacy everybody will remember for the rest of their life
  • A better world

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Projects you and your school can help build NOW:


ODFL has raised money from private foundations to cover operating costs. So, EVERY DOLLAR DONATED goes into the project you choose.

Email to get started. Visit to learn more.

What are you doing with YOUR life?