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NGO Required Standards for funding from ODFL

Download a printable .doc or .docx form for funding request from ODFL.

Proposed Operating Standards for ODFL NGO Partners
  1. Operating history of at least five years
  2. Publicly chartered non-profit organization
  3. Transparent financial reporting at organization and project levels
  4. Licensed to operate in countries where projects are being considered
  5. Staff competence, experience, and auditable track record in areas being proposed
  6. Explicit standards of ethics already in place
  7. Explicit standards of performance against which project success can be measured
  8. Identifiable chain of command from field-level operatives to ODFL contact
  9. Meets all U.S. international aid recipient standards

Projects Standards:

ODFL generally funds projects around the world with these criteria

  1. Fall within ODFL target project domain
    1. Education
    2. Health
    3. Agricultural productivity
    4. Economic infrastructure
  2. Increases capacity for self sustenance or growth among recipient populations
  3. Within scale of comparable projects already completed by NGO partner
  4. Does not require sustained funding or management by ODFL or other organizations, including partnering NGO, for projects to be effective
  5. Fully defined and agreed upon performance metrics and project schedules
  6. No anticipated adverse cultural/racial/gender/religious effects
  7. Explicit agreement in place with recipient population leaders re: local resources committed to install/sustain project
  8. Explicit before/after documentation of project impact in appropriate mediums

Due Diligence Requirements for ODFL Project Approval


  • Certified registration as non-profit institution
  • CVs of senior officers and designated project managers
  • Local partner is licensed by relevant authorities for ODFL project
  • Partner is not in violation of any known U.S. laws or prohibitions against terrorist activities



  • 2 years of audited financial statements including current balance sheet
  • Certificate of solvency from your primary banking institution
  • Certificate of current tax compliance status by national tax authority
  • Proof of sufficient assets to complete partner’s portion of project (as needed)



  • Verifiable list of comparable projects completed in the last 3 years
  • Technical staff capabilities in relevant project area
    1. Engineering and design
    2. Project Management

  • Requisite building permits from local authorities (as required)
  • Second-level project plan through project completion, to include:
    1. Budget including progress payments
    2. Timetable
    3. Third party vendor dependencies

  • Materials and services sourcing identified
  • Certification by local partner that neither the project nor its implementation discriminates on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, or religion