About ODFL: Effective Altruism
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About ODFL:  Effective  Altruism

2008 Nepal

Emphasize “Effective.” That is what ODFL is about. But what does it mean?

Effective Altruism delivers tangible, positive change to the world. It’s not Sentimental Altruism, which feels good, but doesn’t change anything. Effective Altruism delivers real and enduring change. How?

There are three components to Effective Altruism:

  • Tangible projects
  • Shared investing
  • Demonstrable impact
2011 Kenya

We help individuals and small organizations invest in specific, tangible projects, not vague, feel-good concepts. Classrooms. Medical clinics. Computer labs. Latrines.

Small-scale infrastructure projects that typically have 20 to 30 year lives; that serve specific, self-helping populations; and that produce enduring, measurable benefits.

We work with shared investments, of any size, to fund every project. So, you can invest alone and in any amount you wish. Or, you can invest with friends or family or co-workers.

2011 Nicaragua Montegrande

You can fund a specific project yourself, any sized part of one, or get 10 or 20 or even 50 people together to build a classroom, medical clinic, or other project.

We have helped individuals, schools, churches, service organizations, even entire towns fund specific projects to help realize their vision for how the world could be made better.

We provide life-cycle management from project identification and definition to reporting to impact documentation, and more.

2018 Zambia

Finally, ODFL projects deliver demonstrable impact. They dramatically improve life chances for some of the poorest people in the world. The project may be the first water well, vaccinations, birthing center, or classroom a community has ever had.

See the pages and documents on our Measured Impact. Protein to Kenyan orphans for $1.35 per child per year. Doubling the calories available to Malawi villagers for 25 cents per person per year. Helping adolescent Nepalese girls stay in school for $1.66 per girl per year. These are typical of the nature and scale of our measured outcomes.

2009 Indonesia

Tangible projects.

Shared investing.

Demonstrable impact.

The result is an Effective approach for those serious about making actual change in the world.

This is ODFL. It’s working. Join us.

Bigger People. Better World.

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