Developing World Projects


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ODFL builds Bigger People and a Better World. We do that by helping build schools, medical clinics, and other projects in developing countries from donations as small as one dollar. This year, we completed 12 projects in 7 different countries. Since our founding 9 years ago, we’ve completed 92 projects in 9 countries in Africa, Asia, and Central America. ODFL is a “change the world” idea that’s actually working. Join us!


Here are Projects Completed in 2015 – 2016

Nicaragua: 2 Classrooms at 15th Septiembre School
Investment: $16,200
ODFL student travelers helped construct 2 classrooms at the 15th Septiembre School in Matagalpa. This brings to 8 the number of classrooms ODFL has built in Nicaragua. Next year, every high school in Oregon will do an ODFL fundraiser to make this a Nicaraguan “Model School.” Here are photos and videos from the 2016 July Trip.
Nepal: Birthing Centers at Mulpani, Kasteem, and Kot
Investment: $3,000 this year; $11,500 next
We have built 7 birthing centers providing pre-, neo-, and post-natal, care to birthing mothers. They are reducing the number of women dying in childbirth by more than 90%. We also inoculate the babies at birth against 11 of the most common diseases. We have begun work on 3 more birthing centers, in Mulpani, Kasteem, and Kot villages.
Kenya: Exhaustible Pit Latrines
Investment: $6,000
The Ngungu Day Secondary School in Nyeri, Kenya, had no toilets. The 100+ girls missed a week of school every month. With our partner, Kiini Sustainable Initiative, we built a set of private, sanitary latrines. Now the girls can go to school every school day of the year. The cost? $2.50 per girl per year.
South Africa: 5 Preschools in Tembisa Township
Investment: $12,000
This summer, a group of ODFL student travelers refurbished 5 pre-schools in the Tembisa township of Johannesburg. They immeasurably improve the conditions and the reception for the hundreds of students who will attend them over their lives. The cost is approximately $2,400 per pre-school.
Malawi: Solar System at School in Manyesa
Investment: $11,760
We began working with our partner in Malawi, Kasimu Education Fund, in 2009. The tiny village of Manyesa had 1,200 children but no classrooms. Now they have 4 classrooms, 9 teachers, and a solar powered computer lab. The solar system was ODFL’s contribution for this year.
Indonesia: 24 Engineered Latrines
Investment: $5,000 this year; $5,000 next year
Ban is in the VERY remote mountains of East Bali, Indonesia, E.coli from human waste is killing the children under 5. We’re building 47 engineered latrines to clean up the water. They cost $250 each. That means that over their 25 year life they cost $1.66 per expected life saved per year.
Myanmar: Medical Clinic for Orphans
Investment: $6,000 this year; $6,000 next year
In Myanmar, a Buddhist temple has taken in 230 orphans. But there are no medical facilities. So, with MCTA: RVi Academy (a top international school in Mandalay) we are building a small medical clinic to address malnutrition, vaccinations, infections, small injuries, hygiene, and such. Its cost is $12,000 or $2.60 per child served per year.