Upcoming Projects


Every dollar donated goes into the project you designate.

Project Profile Indonesia

Project Profile: Indonesia

This project unfolds in two stages. It builds a set of 47 latrines for people in Ban, Indonesia to get e.Coli out of the water supply.

Project Profile Myanmar

Project Profile: Myanmar

This project will build a small medical clinic to take care of orphans at a Buddhist temple in Myanmar. There are no such facilities available now.

Project Profile Nepal

Project Profile: Nepal

These Birthing Centers are reducing the number of women dying in childbirth by more than 90%. We also vaccinate the babies at birth.

Project Profile Nicaragua 1

Project Profile: Nicaragua 1

We are building three more classrooms at this school in Nicaragua that has many more students than they can accommodate.

Project Profile Nicaragua 2

Project Profile: Nicaragua 2

ODFL, the students of Oregon, and others are working to make the 15 de Septiembre School in Matagalpa into a Nicaraguan Model School by adding new classrooms, a kitchen, and more.

Project Profile South Africa 1

Project Profile: South Africa 1

This is a day care facility for disabled students in Tembisa, South Africa. Without this, they are locked up at home during the day.

Project Profile South Africa 2

Project Profile: South Africa 2

This project refurbishes as many as 5 preschools in South Africa, including installing a jungle gym and a water catchment system for both people and plants at the schools.